Want to create Hollywood-level productions 

but don't have a Hollywood-sized budget?


The VertiCam integrates an ultra-configurable camera head with the latest gyroscopic technology and ultra-quiet direct drive motors, a feature-rich yet user-friendly controller, and multi-track recording software that allows you to record and playback moves. Combined with hand wheel and pan-bar controls, a servo-operated track and lift rig, and master connect unit that organizes all audio, video, and power cabling in a single place, the VertiCam offers the functionality of the high-end systems used by the major studios but at a price tag affordable to indie filmmakers.

A Camera Control System Designed by Filmmakers for Filmmakers

This is a game-changer.
-Mark J. Cartier, director/producer
North of Two Productions

I've seen a lot of things, but I've never seen anything like this.
-Jeffery Garland, 23-year cameraman

The VertiCam

Gyroscopically Stabilized, 3-Axis, Digital Remote Camera Head
Not only does it feature direct drive motors and higher motor resolution for ultra-precise camera movements, this head is lighter and more configurable than the $400,000 competitors. No more having to use wide angle lenses to hide gear backlash - so go on, use the long lens.

Track and Lift
Servo-operated horizontal and vertical camera movement that is programmable with the controller and software and operated with hand wheels. Sets up with just two grips. Oh, and did we mention you can use it on virtually any dolly?

Can be mounted on virtually any fluid head with a patent-pending universal adapter – turns all Sachtler fluid heads and many other standard fluid heads into an encoder-equipped system. Who says only the big boys can afford the big toys?

Hand Wheels
Wait, did you say hand wheels? With high resolution digital quadrature optical encoders, drag control for adjusting wheel damping, and switch for clockwise/counter-clockwise direction, these aren't your grandmother's hand wheels.

Provides camera and lens damping and scaling, and interfaces with the multi-track recording software – real-time, on-the-fly changes. No cumbersome menus to drill down through to make time-consuming adjustments. It's so user-friendly, it just might be your new best friend.

Multi-Track Recording Software
Did the dolly grip miss his mark again? Record, modify, and play back moves for ultimate repeatability that hits the mark every time. Layer pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus, and iris movements for a recorded move that is limited in duration only by available memory space on your tablet (60 MB/minute of recorded move). Frame accurate repeatability and tons of other useful features. With the simple push of a button on your tablet, keep the dolly moving between takes and say goodbye to the dreaded flat spots that can form on your dolly wheels.

About SDP

STEVE DAVID PRODUCTIONS, Inc. (SDP) has been dedicated to excellence in the development of camera support equipment for the independent filmmaker for over 35 years.

Our heart is for the independent filmmaker. We understand the desire to create Hollywood-level productions without the luxury of a Hollywood-sized budget. Dissatisfied with existing low-end camera heads operating on cheap geared motors, SDP invested over 32,000 man-hours in research and development of the VertiCam, an integrated but modular camera control system that meets or exceeds the functionality of comparable but pricey systems used by the major studios. After seven years of R&D, SDP proudly introduced the VertiCam at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in April 2016.

Our gyroscopically stabilized, 3-axis camera head creates the ultra-smooth, ultra-precise images that filmmakers strive to achieve. Our controller, coupled with all-new multi-track recording software, streamlines the process, helping you shoot more pages of script per day.

Beautiful shots, faster.

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Combining over 30 years of experience in the film industry with the newest in robotic camera control technology, SDP can help you create beautiful cinematic images.

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